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Kokum Sharbat online

100% Pure Kokum Sharbat Online Refreshing & Cooling Drink


200 ml - 20 Rs


200 ml




What kind of flavor is in Kokum Sharbat? For recipes, dried kokum is frequently substituted for tamarind due to its tart flavor. It has a sour-sweet, tangy flavor. When is the most suitable time of day to eat kokum shabbat? While kokum juice is enjoyable at any time, during the sweltering summer it is most frequently consumed as a cool, refreshing beverage to ward off dehydration and sunburn. Because it helps with digestion, kokum fruit juice can be consumed all year long. Its ushna (hot), deepana (appetizer), and pachan (digestion) properties aid in enhancing the digestive fire (Agni) and enhancing digestion. Does kokum help with coughing? Yes, due to its ability to balance Kapha, the ripe fruit of Kokum aids in the control of cough. Due to its ushna (hot) nature, it also aids in clearing excess mucus from the lungs. Is kokum beneficial for weight loss? Kokum contains a byproduct of citric acid that may have an anti-obesity effect. In many different ways, kokum encourages weight loss. It may decrease the synthesis of fatty acids or increase the hormone serotonin’s secretion, which suppresses appetite. Kokum may slow down the metabolism of carbohydrates. Kokum may aid in weight loss because of these properties. Kokum is beneficial for controlling weight. Kokum provides a sense of fullness and lessens cravings. This is as a result of its “guru” (heavy) nature, which requires time to digest. Due to its deepan (appetizer) and pachan (digestive) properties, it also aids in enhancing metabolism and reducing ama, which is one of the causes of obesity and toxic residues in the body from improper digestion.
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